Robert Schoenfeld, Artist, _Rio De Colore's #1.jpeg
Schoenfeldl, _Black Calligraphy #6_. 4' x 10'. Acrylic On Canvas
Schoenfeld, Black Calligraphy # 22C. A 38_x60_.  $3,400
_Black Calligraphy #14_
Palms Hotel #1 -- Three Paintings
Black Calligraphy #3 H 3
Hospital #4
Schoenfeld - Gray Rio De Colores' #1  50_x 60_ $3,800.SD. .LBjpg
Schoenfeld - Rio De Colores' #4. 50_x60_. $3,200. FS.Livingroom
Schoenfeld -  Teal, Gold, Red Rio De Colores' 55_x60_. $3,200
Schoenfeld, BlueGold Rio De Colores #19D
Post Card V-1
Schoenfeld, Blue_Gold_Black Rio De Colores' #3 50_x 60_ $2,800.jpeg FR
%22The Falls #1%22. 30%22 x 44%22
Schoenfeld, _Deep Blue Rio De Colores #2
Schoenfeld, _Rio De Colores' In Black, G
_The Joy Of Life #2_ By Robert Schoenfel
Robert Schoenfeld With Rio De Colores' P
 Blue, Red Gold Rio De Colores'  By Robert Schoenfeld   48_ x 60_ $3,200
Robert Schoenfeld With Framed %22Gold Cr
%22Veils%22 Hilton Hotel Lobby Orlando F
Schoenfeld, %22Blue And Gold Rio De Colo
Gold Rio De Colores #11 C 50_x60_ _ By R
Murano Painting Instalation #1A
Gold Rio De Colores' #24  70_x60_ By Rob
Schoenfeld Painting - Rio Colores' In Of
Gold Rio De Colores #7
Art For Wells Fargo Corperate Office #1.
Sound Of Color #73 48%22 x 60%22 Robert
Murano Painting #2 60'x70_
Rio De Colores' - Diptich #3-19
Green Rio De Colore' #1
Rio De Colores' #27-19.  48 by 60
Love pic 16
Designer West Cover #1
Robert Schoenfeld Rio De Colores'
Rio De Colore #44   46 by 60
My Studio View
2018 Signature #1
Gold Jewel # 32
El Rio De Colores' #22 W,   38x50
Gold Jewel - Triptych #3
Gold Jewel #4

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(206) 722-1988

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Gold Jewel #4.jpg
Gold Jewel #4.jpg

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Schoenfeld, _Blue Rio De Colores' #9 , 5

Robert Schoenfeld

Life's Expression

-Artist Statement-


Expression Of Beauty In Life

My Goal, as an artist, is to infuse into my paintings Life Giving Energy, Power, Joy, Beauty, Healing, Integrity, Vitality, and Spirit To Help Transition life to a higher level of Being. 



(206) 722-1988

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Robert Schoenfeld is a Seattle artist and a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute.

He uses color, in his art to bring the essence of Beauty and Joy to the viewer and to any interior.

The World can use more Beauty and Joy!


He has paintings in Hospitals, Hotels, Spas, Offices, and Homes throughout the US and Internationally - Including Marriott Hotel Times Square New York, Hilton Hotel West Palm Beach Florida, Westin Hotel Chicago, Nordstrom, Swedish Hospital, IBM London, Sheraton Hotel China, and Boeing Corporate offices.

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